My name is Cherelle, owner and creator of SimplyHERZ featuring all natural Earth to Body Skincare and Lifestyle Products. My journey began a couple years ago as I wanted to use more all natural products with ingredients I could pronounce in my daily routine, without breaking the bank. As we all know products geared towards African Americans in stores are slim to none and they never seem to hydrate your skin the way you want. So me being the DIY'er I am I decided to make my own. I then began giving my homemade products to family and friends, after rave reviews and lots of encouragement, I finally started my business in February 2017. Focusing on the fact that every item in my lineup is handcrafted and made to order to ensure freshness and great quality. Since then I have been vending at local events to get my name out and grown the brand. It's been a wonderful experience thus far, I hope to share what I love and the products that work for me with as many people as possible. In hopes that everyone will want to add more natural products to their daily routine and give their skin the longevity it deserves.