Goddess Dust

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10 ml Roll-On glass bottle

Give your skin a subtle cosmic glow with this mica infused body oil. This shimmer oil contains a nourishing blend of Sweet Almond and Coconut oil infused with mica powder to give your skin a soft natural sparkle. Perfect for everyday use, going out on the town or your next beach adventure! Oh and did I mention it's water proof! So take a dip in the pool and let your inner Goddess Glow!

Perfect for all skin tones

To Use...
Shake well. Apply to skin where a radiant tropical glow is desired.
Sun kissed tip: Apply to collarbones, chest, cheekbones, legs and arms for a beachy glow, or dare to be a shimmer goddess and apply all over.

Handcrafted from Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, and Mica