Tub Tea

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20 oz glass jar

Place 3-4 scoops of tea in the muslin bag included with purchase. Tie bag to tub facet and let the water run over it as the tub fills. Once tub is full, place the bag in the tub to steep as you relax and take in the soothing floral aroma of jasmine and lavender. Soak for at least 20 min. Muslin bag provides easy clean up so once bath is complete, turn the bag inside out to dump contents and let air dry until the next use.

Comes with two 3x4 reusable muslin bags and a small wooden spoon.

One jar should last appox. 5-7 baths depending on how much tea is put into the bath

Handcrafted from Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan sea salt, baking soda, Raw Shea Butter, rose buds, chamomile, lavender, and essential oils